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What is the optimal time for sowing peas?

The pea is one of the earliest plants that can be sown, but it is important to pay attention to the soil temperature, which has to reach 6-8˚C at sowing depth. If it does not reach this value then a protacted emergence can be expected and this heterogeneity can cause problems at harvest. Of course, the sowing time is also highly influenced by the soil moisture. If the soil is too wet, adequate soil surface cannot be reached. In case of cold, wet soil emergence problems may occur. The already emerged seeds have a tolerance against mild frosts. With a knowledge of this information in our country, peas can be sowed from the beginning of March until the end of April.

How densely should the different maturing pea seeds be sown?

It is mostly influenced by the maturity group of the pea variety. It is generally stated that in the early maturity group 1.3-1.4 million, 1.2 million in the mid-term varieties and 1.1 million in the late ripening group shall be sown per hectare. The plants are not able to obtain a high yield when sown too densely.

How to calculate the heat units?

The elapsed time of peas is not measured in days as in other species in heat units. The values of certain varieties show their heat requirement from sowing to harvest. Peas cannot develop below 4,4˚C, so this is the development threshold of this species. Temperatures below this must not be taken into account. The heat unit calculation process:
Heat unit = (daily max ˚C + daily min. ˚C)/2 – 4,4 °C

Where are the seeds distributed by us grown?

All the seeds are grown in Hungary, and the processing is done in our seed processing plant.

What is the minimum germination value of the pea seed?

On the basis of the 50/2004. (IV. 22) FVM regulation all seeds must achieve a minimum of 80%.

What does „unit” package mean?

Unit of seeds, which means 100.000 seeds in the case of peas. Based on this, 11-14 units of peas need to be sown per hectare depending on the maturity group.

What are the benefits of treatment?

Seeds are coated in a specific fungicide or insecticide. Experiments based on research show that treating pea seeds with insecticide does not provide adequate protection for the whole vegetation. It is more effective to protect against insects in the fields. Thus, typically, fungicide treatment is used to destroy the pathogens stuck on the surface of the pea and provides protection against diseases during sprouting?

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