Petit provencal

An early pea variety. The plant is relatively low (40-50cm) with dense dark green foliage. The leaves are large, broad, egg-shaped. The flowers can be single or paired, the pods are 7-8 cm long, slightly curved dark green with pointed ends. The seeds are medium green, 7-9 mm in diameter. The dried seed’s shape is round slightly dented, green or greenish-grey. Generally, 6-8 seeds are carried by each pod.

Kelvedon wonder

This pea variety belongs to the medium maturity group. The plant is a medium growing type, mostly 50-60 cm long, with a thin stem. The flowers and later pods are alone or paired and appear first on the 8-9. node. The pods are medium length(7-8 cm) with straight or slightly curved shapes and pointed ends. Each carry 6-9 seeds, seed size is 7-10 mm. Becouse of the prolonged flowering and fertilization it is beloved among gardeners. Wrinkled type variety.

Br-52 (Green arrow)

Member of the late maturity group, heat unit requirement: 880 to 890˚C. This pea variety brings the first white paired flowers from the 16-17. node. The pods are slightly curved with a pointed ending, usually 10-12 cm long. The size of the green seeds is 8-10 mm. Generally, 9-10 seeds can be found in each pod. The stem is 70-90 cm long. This variety is suitable for canning and freezing industry as well as for use by hobby gardeners.


A member of the late maturing pea variety. The plant is moderately tall and has a dense growth with angular stems. The leaves are dark green, weakly or moderately grey spotted. Strongly tendrilled type. The first even flowers can be found on the 13-14. level. The medium green pods are curved with pointed ends and a length of 8-10 cm. The green seeds are mostly 9-11 mm in diameter, wrinkled when dry. This pea variety is resistant against Fusarium wilt.

Debreceni sötétzöld

This pea variety can be categorized in the mid-early maturity group. Heat unit requirement: 730-760˚C. The first flowers appear on the 9-10. level typically 1-2 per nodes. Prolonged flowering variety, therefore excellent for garden use. The pods are curved with a length of 8 cm. Each pod carries 7-9 seeds. The green seed size is 8-10 mm in diameter. Stem length: 50-60 cm. The dried seeds are shelling types, slightly dented.

Debreceni világoszöld

An early ripening pea variety, heat unit requirement: 700 to 720˚C. The flowers come mostly in pairs from the 8. node. The straight or slightly curved pods are 7-9 cm long with 8-10 light green seeds in each. The average green seed size is 9-10 mm. The dry seeds are shelling types with a round or slightly depressed surface. Recommended for garden cultivation.

Debreceni korai velő

An early maturing pea variety, heat unit requirement: 680-710˚C. The medium green foliage develops dense strong tendrils. The first flowers and pods appear on the 8. level mostly alone or in pairs. The pods are dark green, curved with pointed ends, usually 8-9 cm long. The green seeds are 8-10 mm in diameter, wrinkled when ripen. It was developed for garden cultivation.


A variety of the mid-late maturity group. The plant is 70-80 cm long, thick stemmed and dark green. The flowers are mostly in pairs, pods are 8-9 cm long with a blunt end. The size of the developed green seeds is 9-11 mm. Primarily proposed for garden use. The pea is resistant against Fusarium wilt.


A late ripening pea variety. Stem length is 70-90 cm, the leaves are light green. It brings the first flowers on the 13. node. They are mostly single but sometimes in pairs as well as the pods. The medium-green pods are long and wide, straight-shaped with blunt ends. The average length is 10-11 cm. Usually 7-8 large (12-14 mm) dark green seeds are developed in the pods which turn into greenish-yellow when ripe. The dry seeds are flatter, wrinkled types. This pea variety is Fusarium wilt resistant.

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