Variety maintenance

Preserving the charasteristic features of the variety can only be managed with precisely planned, purposeful maintenance. It aims to produce high-quality propagation material. Plant breeding works with the use of scientifically recognized methods for the purpose of propagating the desired rate and preserving the postitve property of values for the filial generations.

The breeding phases are the follows from year to year:

Year 1: Highlighting of the native plants.

Years 2-3.: Investigation of the experimental sowing with the help of a mesh with accurate phenological observations. Propagaition of the A and B strains.

Years 4-6.: Propagation of the C and D strains and this is followed by the mixing of the various strains.

These propagations are also balancing propagations, where the morphological differences that may occur are eliminated by negative selection. Then, in the following years the propagation of the super-elit seeds may follow. However, strict negative selection is required by the guidance of the researcher.

Based on the assignment of our company, the University of Debrecen carries the maintenance of our varieties. Therefore, the homogeneity and renewal of our seeds is provided from year to year.

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